Senior Instructional Designer

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We are looking for a Senior Instructional Designer to use innovative approaches to lead efforts in instructional design and delivery for F2F, blended, and distance training projects.


Department/Country: Capacity building and learning cluster – Hanoi – Vietnam


Working location: The 1st floor, Building 143, Doc Ngu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam


Immediate Supervisor: Project Manager


Shall report to: Managing Director & Project Manager




The Senior Instructional Designer supervises and coordinates the instructional designers’ team. The Senior Instructional Designer will lead the learning content and activity design and the development of high quality materials in consultation with SMEs and within the required timelines and the scope of the project. The Senior Instructional Designer will develop content in consultation with SMEs and coordinate work from the instructional designers’ team to complete the learning design required for each project. The Senior Instructional Designer will participate in the conception of distance learning environment including mobile applications and learning platforms.

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  • Participate in Business development activities related to training and capacity development: proposal writing, and any biding activities.
  • Plan, manage, monitor and evaluate the training projects.
  • Lead the instructional design team to perform effectively and timely training projects
  • Actively participate as part of team initiatives and projects and cooperate with team members in a manner that reflects a commitment to team goals and objectives, effective communication, information sharing and problem solving practices.
  • Manage the components of the project to achieve the project objectives within the agreed timeframes and provide progress reports as required by the project manager
  • Report to clients on training projects progress

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  • Conceptualise and develop high quality learner-centred learning content and activities across multiple projects, including curricula, syllabus, storyboards for face-to-face, virtual, and digital learning courses using creative, innovative, and evidence-based approaches
  •  Coordinate learning content development across multiple projects, and review and refine developed content as required
  • Ensure that learning products and services are consistent with customers’ requirements and obligations (e.g. quality, brand, accessibility)
  • Work collaboratively with SMEs, and key stakeholders to provide digital design solutions that meet their needs
  • Develop innovative pedagogical and blended and online learning in collaboration with the project team
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation indicators for training evaluation
  • Develop TOR for training activities
  • Oversee and guide virtual learning activities, including webinars, e-learning courses, videos, animations, and e-games
  •  Conduct trainings for clients or beneficiaries of the project
  • Write reports on training activities
  • Respond to on-demand requests that focus on curriculum development, the use of technology, or communications skills
  • Revise all translated training materials

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  • Participate actively in the conception of mobile / web environment for learning purposes, follow the development and revise the developed products
  • Revise all translated content of the mobile / web environment
  • Plan and ensure the follow-up of pilot-testing activities of the mobile / web environment
  • Write pilot-test reports


Required qualifications:

  • Proven 5 years’ working experience in instructional design and with instructional technology
  • BS or higher degree in instructional design, educational technology or similar
  • Demonstrated project management skills in the development of digital content for online courses, with a capacity to scope realistic projects, meet timeframes and deliver outcomes
  • Proven skills and experience in instructional design and the development of learner-centred digital learning experiences and resources.
  • Knowledge of digital learning principles and practices as well as current and future trends in digital technologies
  • Excellent knowledge of learning theories and instructional design models
  • A comprehensive understanding of competency-based approaches; demonstrated proficiency in the design/development of innovative, interactive eLearning courses, using modern authoring tools including Articulate 360, Adobe Photoshop and Audition, and LMS/CMS/LRS systems
  • High level organizational and interpersonal skills, especially in international environment
  • Demonstrated capacity to work both independently and in multi-disciplinary team environments Tact, discretion and sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Ability to produce high-quality, finished work in a timely manner
  • Language: the candidate must be a native French speaker and fluent in English
  • Knowledge of public health is an asset.

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  • The position salary is competitive and will be negotiated during the interview.
  • One-month probation with 100% of net salary.
  • One-year contract with potential extension based on the working performance.
  • Social, health, unemployment insurance & PIT payment policy


How to apply

  • Qualified candidates are invited to submit their application in English including a cover letter and a detailed CV to Mrs Thuy Hanh at by 18 June 2021 at the latest.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please refrain from placing calls after submitting the application.


About GaneshAID


Having operated primarily out of Hanoi, Vietnam since 2013, GaneshAID is a consultancy firm that serves the public health sector with non-profit purposes. The company is specialized in health system strengthening, public health supply chain, capacity building and learning, and digital solutions for health. GaneshAID operates as a think-tank and aims to improve the health status and well-being of people in Low- and Middle-income countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, and Middle East. We mainly collaborate with development partners/sponsors (UNICEF, WHO, Gavi), governments, training institutions, etc.


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