Generating evidence for strategic planning and improvement

Generating evidence-based recommendations and innovations for public health interventions

Today, it would be a nightmare to imagine a world where doctors and health workers had no clue about how to prevent and treat illnesses, where patients had no access to safe and effective health services, where health policies and programmes were based on guesswork, and where health systems were inefficient and wasteful.

It is therefore essential that health policies and practices have to be informed by the most accurate and reliable research evidence. With that in mind, our team at GaneshAID places evidence and research at the center of our work and establishes GaneshAID Intelligence.

GaneshAID Intelligence adheres to a principle which dictates that every research product at GaneshAID must be ethically reviewed, carefully monitored, and expertly evaluated. This means that all research projects must follow a strict code of conduct and are held to the highest standards of integrity.

At GaneshAID Intelligence, researchers and experts are positioned to provide insight into the what, how, and why of policies and interventions, formulating evidence-based recommendations and advocacy towards decision makers. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, we evaluate public health programmes, interventions, innovations, and delivery systems to improve both the quality and accessibility of health services.

With this approach, we are able to translate research findings into actionable implementation strategies that can be incorporated into a range of public health programmes to benefit the public, especially vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Community health workers collecting data (Senegal, 2021)

Maximising the use of evidence for strategy and policy shaping

Committed to making evidence a powerful tool for shaping strategy and policy in health, GaneshAID Intelligence believes that data is not just numbers, but stories that can inspire action and change. That’s why we assist countries in collecting, analysing, and managing data from various sources and formats, such as surveys, reports, indicators, and geospatial information.

We also support countries to visualise and communicate their health and immunisation data in clear and compelling manners, using interactive dashboards, maps, charts, and infographics. By doing so, we help countries to better understand the landscape of their health systems, identify gaps and priorities, and monitor progress and impact.

To maximise the use of evidence for strategy and policy formulation, it is necessary to engage all stakeholders and partners in this process. For that reason, we actively foster collaboration and partnership among various stakeholders, such as governments, academics, institutions, and civil society organisations (CSOs). In addition, we facilitate knowledge exchange and learning across countries and regions, and promote the use of evidence in decision making and advocacy.

Through our work, we aim to strengthen the culture of evidence-informed policy and practice in health and immunisation.

National Supply Chain Strategic Plan Development Meeting (Uzbekistan, 2019)

Key projects and interventions

Country Learning Hub Partner for Immunisation Equity

Since 2023, GaneshAID and the Center for Vaccine Development in Mali (CVD-Mali) have started working together to establish and coordinate the Mali Learning Hub (also known as Centre d’Apprentissage pour l’Equité en Vaccination or CAPEV), in response to the request from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

The Learning Hub aims to provide systematic and robust monitoring and learning for the IRMMA interventions (Identify – Reach – Monitor – Measure – Advocate) by collaborating with the government, local academic institutions, and civil society organisations to maximise data use, learning, partner engagement, assessment of the current zero-dose situation, as well as develop and test appropriate mechanisms for reaching to the zero-dose children.

GaneshAID’s presentation at Mali Learning Hub kick-off meeting (Maili, 2023)

Serving as a global platform for sharing learning among countries, the Learning Hub will help improve immunisation programme policies and guidelines through zero-dose case studies, Monitoring and Learning plans, and analytics. This will also assist Gavi in improving its ability to describe how progress is being made during the 5.0 strategic period and inform Gavi’s mid-term and zero-dose evaluations.

Zero-dose Learning Hub launch meeting (Uganda, 2023)
Zero-dose Learning Hub launch meeting (Uganda, 2023)

Meet the GaneshAID Intelligence Team

Linh Hoang
Public Health Officer
Mamadou Samake
Immunisation Specialist / Coordinator Centre d'Apprentissage pour l'Equité Vaccinale (CAPEV)

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