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Healthcare workers are the backbone of the healthcare system. The insufficient quantity and quality of health workers around the world have been identified as one of the most pressing obstacles to the achievement of health and development goals. The intense, high-stakes nature of the healthcare environment requires that healthcare workers undergo continuous professional training to consolidate their skills.


Challenges of Tradition Supportive Supervision


In resource-restricted areas, constant supportive supervision, training, and mentorship of healthcare staff are vital in upskilling the healthcare workforce. However, the COVID-19 situation restricts the way that healthcare professionals can receive traditional training, mentorship, and coaching, which has been done  only through traditional supervision visits.

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GaneshAID’s Innovation: Coach2PEV (C2P)


Digital performance coaching solution is one of the hallmarks of success at GaneshAID.


| Our creative solution – C2P transforms the way that coaches and coachees usually come together. | 


The C2P is an appreciable performance coaching innovation specifically for immunization workers. The solution has greatly fostered the competencies of users through self-assessment which is the basis for a scheduled improvement plan. Integrated m-learning program, performance acknowledgement through ranking and championship reinforce staffs’ confidence and motivation.


Watch our Innovative Solution C2P on Gavi’s Youtube Channel:

C2P’s Components


C2P solution has two components: a mobile application and a central web platform to manage and customize the content of the mobile application. To address the challenges of supportive supervision, the solution provides users with:

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Public Health Digital Manager

Tai is responsible for GaneshAID’s Public Health digital offer development as well as the management of the company’s portfolio of digital products including KPIs. He works closely with technical teams specialized in health system strengthening, service delivery, capacity building and learning, as well as users/clients, to bring digital features and products to address public health challenges in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

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