Continuous strengthening of health workforce performance
with innovative techniques and solutions

Building capacity and empowering the health workforce for better service delivery

At GaneshAID, we believe a competent, adequately staffed, and motivated workforce is the backbone of a robust and effective health system. For that reason, GaneshAID Academy is committed to building resilient capacity and empowering the health workforce for better service delivery.

As such, our work focuses on building the capacities of health workers in all aspects, including leadership, innovative thinking, strategic planning, health programme design and development, project management, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

In addition to this, we also design and produce comprehensive toolkits, guidelines, training materials, and competency-based learning approaches capable of motivating and inspiring health workers to increase their accessibility and quality of engagement.

By conducting training needs assessments (TNAs) and applying innovative and holistic approaches, our pedagogical experts are able to design courses and innovative learning materials tailored to learners’ needs. Courses and learning materials are then delivered in person and/or virtually.

Over the years, GaneshAID and its multidisciplinary technical staff have assisted a variety of individuals and organisations, from community-based groups to governments and NGOs, with the development and implementation of customised capacity-building plans, resiliently contributing to the fulfilment of their missions.

mOPV2 Cold Chain Logistics and Vaccine Management Workshop, facilitated by Dorothy, GaneshAID Health System Strengthening Expert (Kenya, 2019)
mOPV2 Cold Chain Logistics and Vaccine Management Workshop, facilitated by Dorothy, GaneshAID Health System Strengthening Expert (Kenya, 2019)

Diverse modalities of delivery

Different health workers may have different learning needs, preferences, and contexts. Therefore, having multiple modalities of delivery for capacity-building programmes can enhance their effectiveness, accessibility, and relevance.

Understanding this requirement, GaneshAID Academy utilises multiple delivery modalities when it comes to developing capacity-building programmes, including face-to-face, digital, blended, and social learning, as well as performance coaching. Each modality has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the learning objectives, the availability of resources, and the characteristics of the learners.

By offering a variety of delivery modalities, GaneshAID Academy can cater to the diverse needs of the health workforce and ensure the quality and efficiency of capacity-building programmes.

Face-to-face competency-based learning

Many aspects of health professional training can be more effective when delivered face-to-face, such as developing communication skills, practising health care procedures, and feedback.

At GaneshAID Academy, we are utilising multiple innovative approaches and facilitation techniques to encourage health workers’ engagement in face-to-face training courses, such as role-playing and simulation, world café, mind mapping, brainstorming, practising, tabletop games, etc.

Role-playing and simulation
World Café
Mind mapping
Tabletop games
Supply chain managers are role-playing during the one-week training course on "Overview of Health Commodity Supply Chain Management (Guinea, 2018)
Supply chain managers are role-playing during the one-week training course on “Overview of Health Commodity Supply Chain Management (Guinea, 2018)
PIPDeploy tabletop game developed by GaneshAID at the Pandemic vaccine deployment workshop by WHO Regional Office for Europe (Tajikistan, 2019)
National Supply Chain Strategic Plan Development Workshop (Uzbekistan, 2019)

Digital learning

Despite its advantages, face-to-face delivery does have some limitations, such as high costs, limited accessibility, and potential exposure to infection risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. To overcome these disadvantages, GaneshAID Academy has pioneered the utilisation of digital delivery modality with the development of micro-learning materials.

Using the micro-learning approach, learners are able to acquire new information and skills in small pieces. For each learning topic, our experts at GaneshAID Academy develop micro-learning capsules that last up to 7-8 minutes. Incorporating multiple interactive learning techniques, such as video, podcast, storytelling, and tabbed presentation, the micro-learning capsules can help health workers learn quickly and retain new knowledge for a longer period.

An m-learning module of the mOPV2 Storage and Stock Management course
An m-learning module about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during COVID-19

Social learning

More often than not, health workers don’t usually work alone but in groups, especially at the national and sub-national levels. Social learning, therefore, is recognised by GaneshAID Academy as an indispensable strategy for the capacity building of the health workforce.

With social learning, health workers can learn from the collective knowledge of the group and build upon each other’s skills. It also encourages them to share their experiences and ideas, which can be beneficial in improving the quality of health services. Moreover, social learning helps to create a sense of solidarity and to foster a culture of team working among health workers.

At GaneshAID, we even utilise digital solutions to promote the practice of social learning. To achieve this, we have developed several mobile applications incorporating social media and messaging functions. The applications also provide them with a digital library of e-JobAids, standardised operating procedures (SOPs), and relevant up-to-date guidelines. Using these tools, health workers will be able to access the latest “emergency” news and exchange information with their peers in an instant.

Social media functions in digital solutions developed by GaneshAID Smart

By utilising this approach and associated tools, GaneshAID Academy hopes to assist countries’ health workforce in establishing Communities of Practice that facilitate collaboration, innovation, and improvement in health service quality among health workers, managers, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

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