Service Digitalisation and Process Automation

Digital optimisation for universal health and primary health care

Digital technologies offer unique opportunities to strengthen health systems and services, helping meet the challenges of constantly changing health needs and resource constraints in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). As a result, GaneshAID Smart is established not only to provide innovative technology tools but also to ensure productive use by health workers and community members.

GaneshAID Smart’s strategy includes four main components:


Co-designing digital solutions and scale-up strategies with users and decision makers


Building trust in the benefits of digital transformation and innovation culture

Digital literacy

Advancing in-country expertise and skills for the effective use of technologies


Modernising health and immunisation systems

EPI health worker using C2P mobile application developed by GaneshAID to collect data (Senegal, 2021)

To support health workers and communities in a variety of settings and contexts, we design and develop web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications that can be used online and offline.

We design and manage interoperable databases that facilitate the secure and efficient storage, analysis, and sharing of health information.

GaneshAID Smart - Database illustration
Knowledge Library function in VacciForm, a digital solution developed by GaneshAID

We integrate customisable functions in our solutions, such as micro-learning, e-learning, survey, knowledge management, and project management, to empower health workers and managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to improve their performance.

At GaneshAID Smart, our IT experts and developers are passionate about the potential of digital solutions to advance universal health and primary health care. Our work is innovative, collaborative, and impactful, as we use digital technologies to shape the future of primary health care.

Reaching the Underserved: Unlocking the Power of Digital Health

The emerging needs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic call for new innovations to replace conventional and resource-intensive methods. In response to the complexity and changes of health systems worldwide after COVID-19, GaneshAID Smart has taken active efforts to support global connectivity and ensure greater social reach by designing and developing fully responsive and wholly inclusive mobile, desktop, and web-based applications.

Positioning the user at the center of our creative process, we are able to develop optimal user journeys for a range of audiences, including people with disabilities and those with limited connectivity. Our digital solutions help expand healthcare delivery to low-resource areas and enable health workers to make agile decisions and adapt to external shifts.

Community health workers using C2P application to collect immunisation data (Senegal, 2021)
Community health workers using C2P application to collect immunisation data (Senegal, 2021)

As part of our work, we assist countries in developing and implementing digital solutions and improving the use of data, helping prevent children from missing vaccinations, enabling health workers to track and treat patients, and ensuring precious health resources go to where they are most needed.

To GaneshAID Smart, generating new, innovative ways of assisting frontline health workers has always been the hallmark of our success.

Digital solutions developed by GaneshAID Smart

Digitalisation of Supportive Supervision – C2P

C2P (Coach to Performance) is an innovative and comprehensive technology solution to embed Learning and Performance Management systems in the workplace.

It is a unique model to measure health programmes’ performance and coach health workers individually.

Integrated with survey and performance coaching functions, this application is designed for supervisors and supervisees of national health and immunisation programmes.

Daily Tasks
Performance Evaluation
Improvement Plan

Social and mobile learning programme for immunisation and communities – VacciForm

VacciForm logo, an application developed by GaneshAID

VacciForm is a digital learning and social professional network solution for immunisation outbreak response, including COVID-19 immunisation.

The application provides micro-learning capsules and technical documents to vaccinators, community health workers, journalists, and traditional leaders, as well as allows them to spread information from credible sources instantaneously.

My Learning
Resource Documents
My Forum

Multiple micro-learning pathways for a strong immunisation supply chain (iSC) in Africa – AFRiSC

iSC Manager (Joseph)
Logistician (Omarr)
Cold Chain Officer (Kali)
NLWG Member (Leal)
Storekeeper (Imani)
In-country Technical Partner (Zev)

Co-designed with the WHO Regional Office for Africa (WHO/AFRO), AFRiSC is a learning and performance management tool for supply chain professionals from the 47 Member States of WHO/AFRO.

AFRiSC offers competency-based and individualised micro-learning pathways for iSC workers, tailored to the specific needs of their positions.

With the assistance of AFRiSC, GaneshAID Smart hopes to establish a strong and resilient iSC Community of Practice in Africa.

Desktop Homepage
Mobile flash screen
Individualised Micro-learning Pathways
Instant Messages

Meet the GaneshAID Smart Team

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Software Tester
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Digital Solution Officer
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Digital Solution Officer

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