B-H Le P

Public Health concerns are becoming increasingly important by the day and the populations most affected usually are the ones with little to no access to the public health materials and resources. Hai aims to help in solving this issue by developing creative digital solutions with our team as GaneshAID’s Digital Solution Officer.

As our Digital Solution Officer, Hai is responsible for designing, developing and installing software solutions. He is in charge of gathering user requirements, defining system functionality and writing code in various languages, like Java, Ruby on Rails or .NET programming languages (e.g. C++ or JScript.NET.). He is familiar with the software development life cycle (SDLC) from preliminary system analysis to tests and deployment. He holds responsibility for building high-quality, innovative and fully performing softwares that comply with coding standards and technical design.

He coordinates his department with other parts of the company, as well as with external partners and customers in proposing efficient digital solutions that can transform the performance of the health and immunization systems and services in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

As a young developer, he shows enthusiasm in learning and gaining professional knowledge and skills to complete himself. He is able to communicate in 4 languages (English, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish) and can thus swiftly adapt with the international environment GaneshAID takes pleasure in fostering.

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