Human Resources for Health



Reducing Mortality through Increased Numbers of Available, Skilled and Motivated Health Workers


GaneshAID supports health workers as an essential factor for the delivery of healthcare and immunization interventions. Health workforce represents the single largest cost element in providing health services in lower-middle-income countries, but many of the poorest countries have been unable to meet the pressing health needs of their populations. 

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Our Vision: Reinforcing the Enablers of Health Workforce Performance


Our vision is to promote and reinforce the enablers of health workforce performance and efficient strategies to improve equitable health and immunization outcomes in lower-middle-income countries.


Our Approach


Our approach is grounded on multifaceted interventions that include Strategic Planning, Workforce Management and Development, and Monitoring and Evaluation. New holistic approaches are used depending on the countries’ situation and contexts, but commonly reinforce favorable factors for health workforce performance.

Our multifaceted approach

Our Tools for Health Workers Performance


We use different tools as follows to build the capacity of the health workforce:

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Capacity building tools for health workforce

Innovation for Health Workforce Readiness, Education and Learning to Cope With COVID-19 Pandemic


GaneshAID develops innovative solutions to build health workforce readiness, education and learning to manage the pandemic, maintain health services and prepare for a COVID-19 vaccine introduction and deployment.

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Our Key Interventions

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Anne-Sophie VANDAMME

Capacity Building and Learning Specialist

Anne-Sophie is in charge of designing sustainable capacity-building programs consisting of on-the-job training and coaching in the areas of disease prevention and health promotion, health supply chain and logistics, and human resources for health. She leads GaneshAID’s instructional designer team to develop high quality interactive materials in collaboration with subject matter experts and clients and coordinates the work within the required timelines and scope of the projects.

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