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During the pandemic time of Covid-19 in 2020, I have experienced a great collaboration with LogHealth and GaneshAID to complete a fruitful work on Human Resource for Supply Chain Management Theory of Change Rapid Diagnosis and Training Need Analysis, funded by People that Deliver, UNICEF. It was my first time working with GaneshAID, and the pandemic created many obstacles and limitations. However, the team strived its best to support one another and contributed to the success of the project. The teamwork was so supportive, responsive, and professional.




Dr. Rawinkhan Srinon





The collaboration with GaneshAID was a great experience in the field of innovation and performance coaching with the co-creation of the Coach2PEV platform. Indeed, the use of this platform will allow us to revolutionize supportive supervision with distance coaching and m-Learning. We also hope that this experience will benefit other programs and even other countries.




Dr. Ousseynou Badiane, MD, MPH, Senegal EPI coordinator



I have had a chance to work with GaneshAID on several projects in the health supply chain (RACE), cold chain and logistics (CCEOP), leadership and coordination (NLWG) and capacity building of country managers on international vaccine management course. The team has always delivered more than expected through studies, workshop design, and facilitation, business model development. I appreciate the GaneshAID Team’s cooperation, responsiveness, and professionalism. You are able to establish very trusted  professional relationship with me thanks to your sincere, honest, quality work and timely delivery.  It is always pleasure to work with you and your team of GaneshAID.



Dr. Srihari Dutta, Regional Immunization Specialist




I have the pleasure of working with GaneshAID in several countries of Francophone Africa in which GaneshAID implements projects to improve the performance of health workers through innovative approaches of e-learning and e-supervision. I greatly appreciated the rigor, professionalism and flexibility of GaneshAID, which has a real approach to strengthening health systems, listens to countries, and knows how to rely on a network of highly qualified experts.





Dr. Jean-Charles DUBOURG
MD, Health System Strengthening senior expert

In May 2020 People that Deliver – a global coalition that works to strengthen the capacity of the health supply chain workforce – contracted GaneshAID and the Centre of Logistics Management and Healthcare Supply Chain Management (LogHealth) to conduct a Human Resources for Supply Chain Management (SCM) Theory of Change Rapid Diagnostic and Training Needs Analysis in Thailand and Vietnam. In Thailand, as a result of this analysis, a roadmap was developed to improve the quantity and quality of the health SCM workforce and boost health supply chain performance.

GaneshAID’s expertise in human resources for SCM is undoubted, as is its rich understanding of the local context and health supply chain landscape in Africa and Asia. The team also proved to be extremely flexible, accommodating, and communicative: essential qualities, particularly during a pandemic. It was a pleasure collaborating and we look forward to doing so again in the future.

Mrs. Dominique Zwinkels, Executive Manager


It has been a great experience working with GaneshAID on a project called Human Resource for Supply Chain Management Theory of Change Rapid Diagnosis and Training Need Analysis, funded by People that Deliver, UNICEF during 2020. The project was conducted similarly and simultaneously in Thailand and Vietnam. Regardless of the outbreak of COVID-19, we had good supports and collaboration and strived our best to complete the project with fruitful results. Because we had to mainly communicate online, GaneshAID team has been reachable and responsive for the update on project status. While there are some changes on the project due to the pandemic and some limitations, we experienced the flexible and responsive attitude of the collaboration. GaneshAID is a good team to work with, and they are professional in their field and technical areas.



Dr. Duangpun Kritchanchai, Director




The current global context pushes us to work differently while ensuring that the quality of our interventions for the improvement of the health of populations. Capacity building is one area that shows a lot of innovation. With the help of GaneshAID, WHO AFRO has come up with an innovative solution that enables supply chain specialists to access knowledge and share experiences. A GaneshAID competent and available team made this project feasible, namely AFRO4iSC. 




Mr. Claude Mangobo, Logistics and Supply Chain Officer



GaneshAID and the National Institute Of Hygiene And Epidemiology carried out health projects for promoting vaccination, capacity building on health, which were very useful, well-organized, and attracted participation and interest from stakeholders. GaneshAID team is hard-working, very active, and collaborates well with many government institutions, NGOs, and the Ministry of Health for implementing health projects as well as activities for human resources for health improvement.





Dr. Le Thi Phuong Mai, Head of Department of Community Health and Network Coordination

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