Rapid Learning to Sustain Routine Immunization during COVID-19



Challenges of Routine Immunization during Pandemic 

The overwhelming context of COVID-19 puts immense pressure on frontline workers to update and renew their skills constantly to ensure an appropriate and timely pandemic response. COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in reluctance among vaccinators to maintain their routine activities. This consequence may negatively impact the immunization program, thus lowering vaccination coverage. 

During the pandemic, the training of vaccinators in real-time is crucial so that they maintain immunization activities and communicate on the protective measures put in place. On-the-go training or instant access to curated learning resources can ease the obstacle of training during the pandemic.

GaneshAID’s Innovation: m-Ed COVID 


In response to this issue, GaneshAID has come up with an innovation to address the need for rapid learning on new measures of routine immunization during any pandemic.


| The application aims at building a well-prepared immunization workforce, where the worker is competent, motivated, resilient, and empowered. |


The COVID-19 m-learning course provides health workers with micro-learning capsules that target the most critical information to be updated such as national guides and regulations to deal with the COVID-19 situation in the routine immunization session.

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Public Health Digital Manager

Tai is responsible for GaneshAID’s Public Health digital offer development as well as the management of the company’s portfolio of digital products including KPIs. He works closely with technical teams specialized in health system strengthening, service delivery, capacity building and learning, as well as users/clients, to bring digital features and products to address public health challenges in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

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