Our Story

GaneshAID started with the challenging question: How can we transform the unacceptable maternal and child mortality rate into Universal Right to Healthy Life and Well-being?

We believe in the need to address impediments that are both the causes and results of low resource settings in low- and middle-income countries: the cycle of poverty and poor health, gaps in education, and unacceptable living conditions.

The Meaning of GaneshAID

The name “GaneshAID” draws inspiration from the Hindu deity Ganesha and the mantras of success associated with the God’s magnificent form. The “Ganesha” in our name “GaneshAID” represents all leadership traits from God Ganesha that every GaneshAID team member cultivates:

  • Holistic Thoughts filled with Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Focused Vision to concentrate on completing tasks
  • Active Listening to all ideas from others
  • Alertness and Carefulness to come up with any mitigation plan if needed
  • Knowledge Absorbance and Adjustment to learn quickly while moving forward
  • The sacrifice of selfish motives to overcome emotions and act wisely

Aiming to have these essential leadership traits, GaneshAID Team is dedicated to using them in combination with our technical expertise to help people in need and save lives around the world. This mission explains the “AID” in our name “GaneshAID.”

Our Vision

GaneshAID envisions a world with accelerated health equity where individuals and communities can thrive. We aspire to promote and protect people’s health through innovative, sustainable approaches that increase the performance of health and immunization service delivery.

Our goal is to be a contributive consultancy company to health and human well-being in Low- and Middle-income countries.

Our Mission

We strive to reduce inequities in healthcare access and higher living standards by designing new ideas and advancing innovative solutions. Our commitment drives us toward providing high-quality services.

GaneshAID’s leaders and experts share the same vision of saving more lives thanks to enhanced health status and advancing sustainable solutions for health. As professionals, we operate with strong work ethics and a clear sense of responsibility.

In all our work, we focus on knowledge, efforts, and experience to address clients’ needs appropriately. Our passion is a cornerstone of our actions because preventing people from diseases matters.

Our Values

We produce high-quality work with our strong work ethic. We keep our values at the center of our work.

Our Innovations Are Yours!