Joselito P. Vital

Joselito P. Vital is GaneshAID’s affiliated expert based in the Philippines. As an international public health and immunization expert, Dr Vital has over 27 years of working experience in the Philippines and Fiji Islands dealing with public health and immunization program development, management and implementation; program planning, research and monitoring and evaluation.

In 2018, Dr. Vital took part in the Gavi-sponsored Business Feasibility Study (BFS) to establish a Regional Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence for health and supply chain. He was GaneshAID’s national field investigator in the Philippines to support the implementation of mapping stakeholders in health supply chain in the country. The BFS is designed and conducted by GaneshAID in close collaboration with UNICEF, WHO and Gavi Secretariat.

Dr Vital has also been working in a number of projects funded by Asian Development Bank, The World Bank, USAID, UNFPA, WHO, and government bodies in EPI, HIV/AIDS prevention, Reproductive Health, Family Planning, WASH, Nutrition, Social Health Insurance, Gender Sensitivity and thus developed senior expertise in strategic planning, strategy conceptualization, plan implementation, project performance evaluation, qualitative research, networking, stakeholder engagement and health policy development. Dr. Vital also has extensive experience in strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in the health sector in Asia Pacific Region. From time to time, he delivers presentations on these aspects as guest speaker/panelist in both local and international venues.

Dr. Vital was engaged as Public Health Consultant with the German International Agency, Asian Development Bank and Boston Scientific at the same time holding regular clinic hours as a primary care physician in companies and offices.

Dr. Vital holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Far Eastern University and a Master of Science degree in Public Health from the University of the Philippines. Besides, he is also a Fellow and Diplomate of the Philippine Society of Venereologists Inc. as well as with the Philippines Association of Military Surgeons.

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