Health System Transformation



Health system transformation is at the nexus of what we do. With practice areas that span service delivery, supply chains, data, information and technology, human resources, leadership, and governance, we leverage our core expertise to convert most pressing public health challenges into solutions. We apply the force of design thinking and creative problem-solving models to support countries toward data-driven innovations.

Optimizing People-centred Health and Immunization Systems


Good health and well-being underpin most of the Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations, 2017). GaneshAID focuses on two essential priorities:

  • changing health and immunization services to meet LMIC growing needs.
  • progressing towards universal health and immunization coverage, ensuring everyone gets the health services they need; and that nobody suffers undue financial hardship because of receiving care.
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Cultivating Innovations that Meet Communities’ Needs


Health and immunization systems in LMIC are facing the combined challenge of increasing needs because of a rising burden of chronic disease, vaccine preventable outbreaks, pandemics, and limited resources. This leads to an urgent need for reconsideration of the path which health services and systems are organized and supported. It is possible to improve services through innovation locally, but additional support is required to ensure they benefit all communities.

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Innovation scale up: transforming new ideas to long-lasting innovations

Change Framework for Successful Transformation


Innovation scaling up is a major challenge faced by many developing country governments, donors, and implementing agencies. Impact of new solutions/approaches are constrained unless they have larger policy and program impact. Likewise, demonstrated innovations cannot simply be handed over with the expectation that they will automatically become part of routine programme implementation. The scale up process needs intentional forces to increase the impact of successfully tested pilots to benefit more people and to adopt policy and programme development on a lasting basis.

New approaches to maintain routine immunizations during COVID-19 pandemic (Benin 2021)

GaneshAID supports Health systems innovations that are almost never straightforward. Our experience led us to empower countries managing changes for transformative long-lasting health and immunization service innovations. We support national leadership and ownership with tailor-made strategies including innovations adoption, implementation, sustaining, dissemination and scale up.

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Innovation Scales up and Change Management Projects


The scale-up process is envisioned as a mechanism to increase the number of users/beneficiaries in local conditions and study the innovations’ results and impacts in terms of increased performance of health workers (knowledge and skills), and consequently improved people-centred service delivery. GaneshAID technical support focuses on organizational development that addresses necessary health service transformation – modernizing workforce performance development models.

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Scaling up an EPI performance coaching model in Senegal – Coach2PEV


GaneshAID suggests applying a scaling up process to facilitate the strategic planning and management of the expansion of Coach2PEV. Organizing this process requires decisions from national stakeholders, in-country implementing partners and donors, about the overall scale up implementation with a combination of organizational approaches:

  • centralized (top-down) or decentralized (bottom-up),
  • adaptive depending on the context,
  • phased-gradual-rapid implementation,
  • participatory or expert-oriented approach.
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Key Phases of the Innovations Scaling Up strategy

Scaling up rapid and social learning during COVID-19 pandemic in Benin – VacciForm


EPI Benin confirmed willingness to scale up VacciForm, considering the rapid m-learning solution as an appropriate strategy to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. The digital solution was approved by the Minister of Health and the National Agency for Information Systems, supported by the Information System Directorate (DSI). EPI focuses on digitization and adoption of new methods to improve immunization performance. Vacciform will be incorporated as part of the upcoming e-learning strategy under development by the DSI.

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Reorganized fixed immunization session in Benin, 2021 (Credit Landry Kaucley – EPI Manager)


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