Coach2PEV boosts up the success of EPI in Senegal!

3 June 2021, by Tai NGUYEN


Following WHO efforts to eradicate smallpox and control childhood diseases, Senegal launched its Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) in 1979. The goal of the national EPI is to ensure full immunization of children against preventable diseases.


The performance of the EPI is measured by different surveys including vaccination coverage surveys, inventories of cold chain equipment, effective vaccine management (EVM), WHO-type SARA and DHIS2 surveys, and human resources in health.

| Immunization saves the lives of up to three million children’s every year. High rates of vaccine coverage could prevent an additional 1.6 million deaths a year among children under the age of five. |

GaneshAID proposes the innovation Coach2PEV (C2P) mobile application for conducting EPI surveys and coaching immunization staff performance to bring more successful to the Senegal EPI programs. 


Applying the formative supervision, a process of guiding, helping, training and encouraging learners to continually improve their performance in order to provide high quality services, C2P is an innovation approach to support the immunization workforce’s performance through individual coaching and constant open, two-way communication/ interactions between coaches and coachees. The application provides a performance measurement tool for self-assessment, social media features for peer-learning, competence-based micro-learning for on-the-go training, and a performance e-dashboard for relevant statistics on your progress.  C2P also enables EPI Managers to create, conduct e-surveys and view automatically generated survey reports.

Very soon, the next destination of the successful digital solution Coach2Pev is Benin! Welcome Benin on board!

To learn more about Coach2PEV and other digital solutions, please contact Tai Nguyen, or leave us a comment below!


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Public Health Digital Manager

Tai is responsible for GaneshAID’s Public Health digital offer development as well as the management of the company’s portfolio of digital products including KPIs. He works closely with technical teams specialized in health system strengthening, service delivery, capacity building and learning, as well as users/clients, to bring digital features and products to address public health challenges in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

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