Ange Monnier

Ange Monnier is an experienced Instructional System Designer (ISD) of instructor-led training products, e-learning and m-learning in the field of transport and logistics trainings. He developed expertise in developing individual training strategies for inclusive learning and coaching.

With over 18 years’ experience in the field of adult learning and mentoring, Ange develops customized training systems and strategies to cope with heavy workload for frontline health workers, due to staff shortages, and to meet the needs of limited skills of available human resources.

As a member of the GaneshAID Capacity Building and Learning team, Ange reviews, evaluates, designs/redesigns, develops, restructures and/or repackages training solutions.

He collaborates with instructors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), instructional technologist, and multimedia developers, to develop the most appropriate learning experience.

Ange provides consultations and recommendations to health and immunization programs managers on GaneshAID innovative training solutions, as well as on effective and relevant curriculum development and delivery.

With his expertise in transport and logistics, Ange is the focal point on health supply chain and logistics trainings at GaneshAID.

Ange holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and Training and a professional certificate in professional adult trainer.

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