GaneshAID Academy: People Empowerment

GaneshAID Academy: People Empowerment


Our Goal 

A competent, adequately staffed workforce with sufficient skills is a foundational requirement for a robust and effective health system. As a non-profit public health consulting company, GaneshAID is committed to build enduring capacity and empower the health workforce for better service delivery. We build capacity into all aspects, including strategic planning, training needs assessment, training program design and development, work planning, budgeting, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Building a Well-prepared Healthcare Workforce  

To increase accessibility and quality of engagement in the field, we design and produce comprehensive toolkits, guidelines, training materials, and competency-based learning to equip and motivate the health workforce. Our teams of multidisciplinary technical experts assist individuals and organizations in designing and implementing tailored capacity-development plans.

GaneshAID tailors its technical assistance to help community-based groups, governments, international organizations, and NGOs to fulfill their missions. Our Training and Learning experts design courses by applying innovative and holistic approaches to develop health leaders’ capacity to craft on-the-ground strategies for high performant health services delivery, including supportive supervision improvement, performance management, workforce motivation, and retention.