Franck Hilaire Bete

Franck Hilaire is an independent Senior Advisor to GaneshAID. As an independent advisor, he possesses specialized skill sets and deep working knowledge in public health and immunization. Franck collaborates with GaneshAID to enhance client-service and provides a variety of support including participating in Public Health and Immunization projects design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in Africa.

As a senior advisor, Franck helps GaneshAID formulating transformative changes to overcome barriers to Universal Health and Immunization Coverage.

Franck most recently served as an Operational and technical coordinator for quarantine management related to the COVID-19 epidemic in Benin, managing COVID-19 response in Benin with specific focus on screening and quarantine process. Prior to this role, he was the General Director of the National Agency for mmunization and Primary Health Care (Ministry of Health) in Benin in which he was responsible for coordinating the Expanded Program on Immunization (Routine Immunization, Supplemental Immunization Activities, Vaccine Logistics Management, Communication for development).

Franck has extended experience in immunization programme management, disease surveillance, health promotion and evaluation of public health interventions.

Franck’s 18 years of experience in public health and immunization includes conducting quantitative and qualitative assessments and evaluations, shaping evidence-based policies and strategies, implementing technical operations and interventions, engaging communities and decision makers.

He holds deep technical knowledge in national immunization programme and Primary healthcare in Africa, including, costing and financing, operations management, vaccine preventable disease surveillance, cold chain and logistics, health supply chains, and technical and financial partners coordination.

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