Eric Bologo

With nearly 20 year-experience in public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, and applied informatics, Eric has been piloting multiple complex development projects in Africa. He explores and applies innovative approaches to transform large quantity of data sets into meaningful evidence that can be utilized to have real impacts on international development.

Eric develops GaneshAID’s Big Data strategy and plans for policy and programme evaluation, formative evaluation, developmental evaluation and summative (impact) evaluation. Likewise, he collaborates with GaneshAID’s multidisciplinary teams to better integrate the use of digital technology to address the limitations of current M&E systems by allowing extracting, analyzing, and interpreting data from a range of sources, using algorithms and data mining models, machine learning tools, statistical techniques, and data visualization dashboards.

Likewise, Bologo’s expertise focuses on applying big data analytics in monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) systems. With a passion for socio-anthropology, Bologo further integrates the human dimension at different stages of the MEL process:

  • defining the questions to be addressed,
  • selecting the right mix of data collection and analysis tools,
  • working with people to ensure they are involved in the data collection process, as well as the interpretation and use of the findings data sources, methods, and technologies,
  • documenting, capitalizing, and disseminating best practices

Eric has an extended experience with Welcome Trust Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, FNUAP, Gavi, European Union, World Bank, and New Field Foundation.

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