Anne-Sophie Vandamme

Anne-Sophie is passionate about new approaches for individual and organizational capacity building. She has over 7 years of experience in training needs analysis, instructional design, facilitation of training sessions, development of learning and capacity building strategies.

Anne-Sophie develops collaborative approaches with Government and development partners in Low and Middle income countries in Asia and Africa. She provides them with learning solutions that meet their needs while ensuring a thorough accountability regarding all aspects of instructional design and digitalization of capacity building and learning.

She has introduced various innovations to (1) rapidly learn through bite-size knowledge seeds named “micro-learning capsules” lasting no more than 7 minutes, (2) test abilities and capacities of the health workforce with simulation games, (3) individualized learning pathways in m-learning programs, (4) embeded performance support within the workplace with digitized supportive supervision software. Anne Sophie cooperates with GaneshAID CTO and IT team in the business development of IT solutions that creates multi-learning possibilities’ environments with not only training materials but also knowledge library and peer learning/support functions such as social media.

As a team leader, she is responsible for developing sustainable capacity-building strategies consisting of on-the-job training and coaching in the areas of immunization, health supply chain and logistics, cold chain management, and human resources for health. All capacity-building packages are developed in accordance with a competency-based training approach and an agile development process that enables smooth cooperation with clients. 

She leads GaneshAID’s instructional designer team to develop high quality interactive materials in collaboration with subject matter experts and clients and coordinates the work within the required timelines and scope of the projects. 

Anne-Sophie has developed expertise in linguistics and pedagogy. She is skilled in analyzing learning content, instructional designing, and learning methods and techniques. She is passionate about digital humanities, innovative technologies, and digital solutions that empower health and immunization professionals. She has developed expertise in multimedia instructional designing for academic and UN agency projects.

For 10 years in Cambodia, she has been managing her own company. As such she has gained expertise in ensuring strategic goals were met by setting operational policies, creating and maintaining budgets, managing employees, and overseeing daily operations. Anne Sophie has found in her a strong business mind and a capacity for organization and collaboration. She has developed solid experience in managing projects, and training and coaching young adults.

Anne Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Multimedia Instructional Designing.

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