Why GaneshAID? 

“What makes us stand out is being entrusted by some of the largest humanitarian and global health organizations to save more lives in fragile communities by building cost-effective and sustainable innovations.



Dorothy Leab, CEO

Our Story 


We believe in the need to address impediments that are both the causes and results of low resource settings in low- and middle-income countries: the cycle of poverty and poor health, gaps in education, and unacceptable living conditions.


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The Meaning of GaneshAID


The name “GaneshAID” draws inspiration from the Hindu deity Ganesha and the mantras of success associated with the God’s magnificent form. The “Ganesha” in our name “GaneshAID” represents all leadership traits inspired by God Ganesha and the “AID” demonstrates our Team’s commitment and dedication to help people in need around the world.


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Our Vision


GaneshAID envisions a world with accelerated health equity where individuals and communities can thrive. 


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Our Mission


We strive to reduce inequities in access to health care and higher standards of living by designing new ideas and advancing innovative solutions.


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Our Values


We produce high-quality work with our strong work ethic. We keep our values at the center of our work.


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Together with our trusted donors and global network of partners, our impact in developing responsive solutions to health challenges is greatly amplified. For many years, GaneshAID have made immense efforts in building trust with our alliances. 



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Our People 


From our in-house experts to our international consultants, we are highly accomplished specialists, united around a mission to improve health and save lives across the world.  


With a culture of customer-centricity, we are committed to responding to customer expectations and beyond.


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