GaneshAID has completed the 7-month Gavi-sponsored Business Feasibility Study (BFS) to establish Regional Asia Pacific Centers of Excellence for health and immunization Supply Chain (hiSC). The Study was designed and implemented by GaneshAID in close collaboration with Gavi Secretariat, UNICEF and WHO who had representatives in the BFS Project Advisory Group (PAG). The RACE business concept came from the context that investments in health and immunization supply chains through a Regional Center of Excellence are available in African countries, however there has been no comparable effort to set up a regional center of excellence to support procurement and supply chain of life-saving medicines and vaccines in Asia Pacific. Low- and middle-income countries in Asia Pacific has experienced essential medicine and vaccine stockouts that cause interruptions of health services leading to missed opportunities to protect people from diseases and epidemics.

Regional Centers of Excellence (RCoE) for health supply chain are organizational environments that strive for and succeed in developing high standards of conduct in the areas of learning, innovation, and research. The RCoEs are highly attractive to research and development investments and talented professionals in supply chains. Therefore, RCoEs possess the ability to absorb and generate new knowledge and capacity.

The BFS was to assess the conditions for success and critical barriers facing the prospective Center of Excellence for health and immunization commodity supply chains in Gavi-eligible countries in the Asia Pacific Region. The approach of this Study included two dimensions: A market analysis (in 18 Gavi-eligible countries in Asia Pacific) and an Identification of candidate organization in 6 countries (including 3 Gavi-eligible countries: India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and 3 non-Gavi-eligible countries: Malaysia, The Philippines, and Thailand).

Based on the analysis of data collection, the BFS proposed business models and three business scenarios of the Regional Asia Pacific Center of Excellence for health and immunization supply chain. This is a strong evidence for Gavi and interested donors to develop investments for stronger health and immunization supply chain in Asia Pacific.

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