National Logistics Working Group article on ELSEVIER Journal

NLWG – Country support to Cote d’Ivoire on strengthening the operational and performance capacities of the Vaccination Committee (CTGL-Vaccination)
May 15, 2017
Concept of National Logistics Working Group (NLWG)
Mar 16, 2017

National Logistics Working Group article on ELSEVIER Journal


Client(s): ELSEVIER Journal

Services: Technical Assistance and Consulting

Technical expertise: Health System Strengthening

Timeline: April 2017

The landscape analysis on National Logistics Working Group (NLWG) provided valuable information about the situation and access countries’ needs for establishment and reinforcing of NLWG.

The article on NWLG has been developed based on the results of the landscape analysis study conducted across 43 countries in 2015 and through the consultation of other working groups. This work could document the situation of NLWG challenges and best practices. The article passed review round and the accepted version is being passed on to the production department at ELSEVIER journal.

The article can be downloaded at NLWG article on vaccine 35 (2017)

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