Concept of National Logistics Working Group (NLWG)

National Logistics Working Group article on ELSEVIER Journal
Mar 29, 2017
Technical Assistance and Consulting on learning follow up effectiveness
Mar 16, 2017

Concept of National Logistics Working Group (NLWG)

A national logistics working group (NLWG) is a permanent mechanism for coordinating national immunization supply chain and logistics (iSCL) activities as well as supply chain investments made by government agencies and development partners.

GaneshAID developed a concept note and video as advocacy documents about NLWG. NLWGs provide guidance, expertise, and technical assistance on all matters concerning supply chain operations and improvement initiatives. NLWGs engage with key stakeholders in the process to share information, evidence, and lessons learned; to identify and overcome program bottlenecks; to explore opportunities for innovation; and to make optimal use of resources. NLWGs operate as leadership groups to improve the iSCL in countries.

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