1. Integrates the immunization supply chain planning & resourcing with the broader health, human resource, and technological systems within Ministries of Health.
  2. Encourages country engagement and ownership of every aspect of the life cycle of the EVM (including Assessment, Improvement Plans, and Implementation of developed plans).

This new initiative aims to achieve iSC strengthening through a cycle of continuous quality improvement. An improvement plan developed using the principals of the Comprehensive EVM is referred to to as a Continuous Improvement Plan. This plan serves as a rallying point around which national EPI programmes can align key takeholders on iSC-strengthening priorities.

To support the continuous quality improvement cycle and ensure implementation of improvement plans, National Logistics Working Groups (NLWG) is a strategy for improving supply chain management, decision-making, and accountability at the national level. These groups are seen as instrumental in coordinating and aligning partners, taking decisions, and jointly piloting and managing the Continuous Improvement Plan.

For more information regarding the EVM and NLWG knowledge area, please visit our e-learning course on NLWG and EVM at http://elearning.ganeshaid.com/course/view.php?id=6

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