Technical Assistance & Consulting

GaneshAID can completing clients’ work by
replacing staff supplementing existing team utilizing specific expertise accelerating completion of work revitalizing project or organization adding innovation and improvement

GaneshAID conducts research from the specification of the research questions to the publication of peer-reviewed articles.

We have developed studies to analyze the situation of health programs and interventions, qualitative and quantitative studies, descriptive and analytic research


We deliver technical assistance  in

  • Designing protocol and data collection tools
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Writing reports on studies
  • Issuing scientific and professional papers

We produce health Information, Education and Communication (IEC) resources and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials, as well as facilitating meetings

We deliver technical assistance  in

  • Role plays and games
  • Toolkits and job-aids
  • Posters and leaflets
  • Multimedia resources

GaneshAID develops public health projects and mobilizes resources to facilitate health improvements in Low and Middle Income countries

Our technical assistance and consulting specialize in

  • Grant writing
  • Projects designing
  • Project management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
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