The supply chain provides a reliable supply of products, ensure trust from patients in the system, and thus more people are likely to use health services.

Strengthening and maintaining the supply chain is an investment that pays off in four ways:

  • It enhances health programs’ outcomes.
  • It reduces losses due to overstock, waste, expiry, damage, pilferage, and inefficiency, and therefore minimize costs.
  • It protects other major program investments.
  • It maximizes the potential for cost recovery.

GaneshAID is engaged in optimizing countries’ supply chain for constant and sustained access to quality-assured essential medicines and vaccines, under the good conditions, at the good quantity, to the good place, at the good time, and for the good cost.

In its commitment in public health logistics and supply chain, GaneshAID mobilizes expertise in
Public Health Supply Chain systems National Logistics Working Groups Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform Supply chain Human Resources