Since 2017, Nam Nguyen has been responsible for the overall development of visual aids, graphics, and illustrations of corporate and projects. He also provides technical support in developing online platforms, mobile and desktop applications. Nam specializes in developing User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) for all mobile applications at GaneshAID. 


With his extensive experience in this domain, Nam makes creative decisions and guides graphic designers in the visual development of the GaneshAID projects. He is in charge of all visuals, illustrations and design of GaneshAID’s projects supported by WHO, UNICEF, and Gavi: e-learning courses, study and research, strategies development, m-learning programs, face-to-face training packages, etc.


Likewise, Nam is responsible for designing UI/UX mockups of mobile learning applications in close collaboration with technical teams, IT experts, final users, and clients. 


As a Lead Graphic Designer, Nam builds and raises GaneshAID brand visual identity. In his position, he leads the creative development to shape and communicate the company’s mission and values on different platforms. 


With his dedication and high proficiency, Nam manages a team of graphic designers and illustrators. He makes sure every working process is in order and deliverables are timely produced. He is a creative and proactive senior designer who brings in creativity and new ideas in the planning process and uses his exceptional skills to put those ideas into practice. 


Before joining GaneshAID team, Nam Nguyen spent 4 years working in BigHand company as an Advertising Designer and sharpened his skills in UX and UI design, film making and game design. Nam also worked on a variety of products and activities including websites, mobile application, games, corporate communications and identity, and thus is highly skilled in using editing software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Cinema 4D.


Nam holds a Diploma in Film making and Game design from ARENA Multimedia.


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