With an interest and passion in Public Health related issues and community empowerment, Minh Nguyen joined the GaneshAID team in October 2015.



Minh has strong knowledge in Community Health and Service Delivery. She has implemented multiple complex Public Health projects in the areas of Communicable and Non-communicable diseases, Immunization, Health Supply Chain, and Community Empowerment. She has extensive experience in collaborating with Governments and development partners in Asia and Africa.


In her role, she conducted studies performing several types of data analysis, formulating evidence-based recommendations to improve health and immunization service delivery strategies, and  developing advocacy campaigns toward decision-makers.


She is passionate in sharing knowledge and experience through training and mentoring activities. She is highly skilled in designing, developing and delivering training programs.


As a team leader, Minh develops strategies to incorporate transformational changes into health service delivery, making the most of evidence and innovations for strong public health policies to control diseases and promote health. She serves as project lead in all public health research projects at GaneshAID, coordinating public health and other relevant experts with timely deliverables to the clients.


Minh professionally handles periods of high work volume and tight deadlines. She is an entrepreneurial spirit that is execution-oriented.


Prior to joining the GaneshAID team, Minh has extensive experience working in global organizations and programs on public health (Vietnam-Sweden Development Cooperation in the Health Sector, Agence De Medicine Preventive – a Hanoi-based French non-governmental organization).


Minh’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in English and certificates in Public Health, data collection and analysis, and technical areas including immunization supply chain and logistics. She is also expecting a Master’s degree in Public Health Management (MPH) from James Lind Institute.


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