Passionate about applying psychological principles and statistical methods in Research  projects to facilitate the healthcare workforce performance, Ha Anh joined GaneshAID in 2021.



Ha Anh Pham specializes in leveraging psychology research methods and advanced statistics to better understand health personnel at work and leverage those insights to improve workplaces as well as new approaches to increase individual performance. Indeed, Health and Immunization Systems rely increasingly on data to support health programmes intelligence. 


As a member of the GaneshAID Research team, she provides analytics and psychology methodologies for monitoring – evaluation – accountability – reporting and learning within GaneshAID Public Health and Immunization projects.  In her assignments, she incorporates psychology research questions and provides technical assistance to all experimental projects and innovations that require human engagement and transformational practices. 


Ha Anh is more particularly involved in applying psychology theories for improving adult learning methodology for face-to-face training – e-learning – social learning and m-learning programs. She also designs and tests new psychological approaches to address motivational deficits that undermine healthcare staff’s intrinsic motivation to perform their jobs and to benefit from training. 


Likewise, Ha interprets numbers and human behavior for data driven decision making. In her role, she supports project-level data management systems to facilitate the analysis of data to advance GaneshAID social science research and performance monitoring. She is focused on the needs of our beneficiaries: communities – health workforce – leaders and managers – researchers – public health and immunization specialists who carry out interventions within GaneshAID’s core areas of work.


Prior to joining GaneshAID, Ha Anh’s key research skills were consolidated by participating in a variety of Psychology research projects on Improving memory, Social learning and Lifespan development, both as a volunteer and an assistant. She gained first-hand experience in planning and implementing a research project in a team. Ha Anh contributed to the recruiting process using online survey platforms; critically reviewing existing research to inform research questions; as well as analysing both descriptive and inferential statistics using Excel, SPSS and R Studio. Ha Anh actively discussed and interpreted the data on the basis of appropriate analytical methods such as ANOVA test or Chi-squared test.


Ha Anh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne, Australia.


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