Evidence for Actions



Health policies and practices should be informed by the best research evidence. At GaneshAID, we place evidence and research at the center of our work. The guiding principle of our research is that the research is ethical, expertly reviewed, carefully monitored, and evaluated, as well as having the potential to improve healthcare practices.


Our Approach

Our research and evaluation experts are positioned to understand the what, how, and why of policies and interventions.

Our process of evidence generation is directed toward improving access and quality of health services as well as evaluating public health interventions, and strengthening delivery systems. We apply qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct formative assessments, evaluate programs, and test innovations through operations research.

Translating Research into Practice 


We conduct a comprehensive evaluation to build implementation strategies based on experience and known challenges, to modify plans and identify best practices for expansion and scale-up, and to determine what changes are occurring as a result of our work.


| We embed research into our programs to find realistic solutions to implementation problems. |


In close coordination and supervision with global partners, GaneshAID’s research yields the necessary information, tools, and technical assistance necessary for the policy-making process.


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