Understanding that in lower-middle-income nations, digital technologies provide unique opportunity to strengthen health systems and services, assisting in meeting the problems of continually changing health requirements and resource restrictions, Duc joined GaneshAID to paved the way for the public health digital revolution by offering not only novel technology tools, but also guaranteeing that health workers and community members could use them effectively.



Duc’s main responsibilities in GaneshAID is ensure the digital solutions are research-informed and practical for healthcare workers, by designing and constructing mobile applications, content management systems, and web-based experiences that are fully responsive and inclusive.


Before joining GaneshAID, Duc has worked as a Senior Developer for more than 10 years in many in-country and foreign companies, and has taken part in a various of website and application developing projects. Especially, in Viettel – one of his prior companies, he has worked on a website that has been used in 6 countries around the world. He is experienced in PHP, Javascript, ReactNative, HTML CSS, Jquery, and is striving to advance his skill more and more.


Besides that, he has been working as a freelancer for many software developing projects, using diverse programming languages and frameworks.


Duc holds a Bachelor degree of Computer Science at Hanoi University of Science and Technology.


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