Capacity Building and Learning

Countries: Africa

Client(s): WHO Head Quarter

Services: Capacity Building and Learning

Technical expertise: Capacity Building and Learning

Time: July 2015

According to the WHO, Hepatitis B prevalence is highest in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia, where between 5-10% of the adult population is chronically infected. Vaccines on Hepatitis B or Hepatitis B birth dose play a very critical role in reducing the prevalence of Hepatitis B in the region.

Therefore, the 2014 WHO African Regional Committee adopted a resolution to control viral hepatitis B infection by reducing chronic hepatitis B prevalence to less than 2% in children under the age of five in all Members States by 2020.  A key strategy for reaching this goal is to prevent mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) through timely delivery of hepatitis B vaccine at birth followed by at least two doses of hepatitis B vaccine.

In line with this strategy, the WHO defined that up to 2020, it is expected to have 25 countries in Africa introducing the vaccine on Hepatitis B birth dose among the 47 regional countries.

In this context, GaneshAID was contracted by WHO Head Quarter to provide technical services in terms of developing a generic training manual and slides as a training package for introducing and strengthening Hepatitis B birth dose. The generic training manual and slides serves as resources for planning and conducting training needed for introduction of hepatitis B birth dose (HepB-BD) into the national routine immunization schedule. They are companion documents to ‘A Guide for Introducing and Strengthening Hepatitis B Birth Dose Vaccination’, WHO Publication. The training can be for countries that are preparing for introducing HepB-BD vaccine into their national program or can be refresher training for countries that want to strengthen their program.

This manual and slides guiding on how the training is organized consist in technical resources for conducting HepB-BD training and, training and instructor’s resources and tips. They target to the health care workers who will be responsible for administering and reporting HepB-BD vaccination.

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Training Package for Introducing and Strengthening Hepatitis B Birth Dose