The development of a web-based platform for the mapping of DP and INGO contributions to the health sector in Viet Nam

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Jan 04, 2017
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Jan 04, 2017

The development of a web-based platform for the mapping of DP and INGO contributions to the health sector in Viet Nam

Countries: Vietnam

Client(s): WHO Vietnam

Services: Survey, Web development, Database Platform

Technical expertise: Aid effectiveness, project management

As a result of its rapid economic development, Viet Nam is experiencing demographic and epidemiologic changes, rising expectations of the health system’s performance, and changes in the level and modalities of development assistance.

Since Viet Nam attained Lower Middle Income Country (LMIC) status in 2010, the Global Financial Crisis has impacted both donor budgets and Viet Nam’s own economy, and health Official Development ODA has dropped from approximately 3% to 2.4% of total health expenditure (THE). Government expenditure on health has also dropped from 45.2% to 40.8% of THE (DPF, 2014).

The Government of Viet Nam is committed to development cooperation effectiveness, and endorsed the Viet Nam Health Partnership Document (VHPD) in 2013 to operationalize the country’s commitments to the principles of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation and the IHP+. VHPD emphasizes in particular, the need for harmonized financial and and technical support that is closely aligned to government policies, strategies and plans – and the need for more strategic and better coordinated technical support. VHPD sets out 10 milestones for joint implementation by MoH and DPs/INGOs. Milestone 9 describes the need for a web-based DP and INGO database for improved monitoring of development cooperation in the health sector.

In the collaborative spirit of the VHPD, the concept and platform have been developed on behalf of the HPG, by a consortium of experts representing the MoH (DPF and ICD), PACCOM, DPs/INGOs (WHO and Pathfinder).

GaneshAID was contracted by WHO Vietnam to develop this web-based database and completed the assignment by mid December 2015.

The link for the database is at 

For more information, please contact:

Technical Expert: Bien Hoang, IT expert, tel: +84 4 32115770