E-health promotion module on diabetes prevention and control

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Jan 04, 2017
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Jan 04, 2017

E-health promotion module on diabetes prevention and control

Countries: Vietnam

Partner(s): National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Vietnam

Services: Digital solutions and e-health

Technical expertise: Digital solutions for health

In the world, one in eleven people has diabetes in the age of 20 to 79 (IDF-Diabetes Atlast-2015). Also, the disease caused at least USD 673 billion in healthcare expenditure in 2015 and would increase to 802 billion by 2040.

In Viet Nam, the prevalence of diabetes among adults was 5.6% in 2015. More importantly, up to 52% of people living with diabetes are undiagnosed. This fact, coupled with the rapid rise of diabetes in Vietnam as the country makes economic progress, makes prevention efforts and timely treatment even more crucial.

Diabetes is a “silent killer” which has become a community issue. People should be aware of it and know how to prevent and control the disease.

In this context, GaneshAID collaborated with Vietnam National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology to develop an e-health promotion module on diabetes prevention and control in recognition of World Health Day 7 April. This module aims to enhance the community’s awareness for diabetes prevention and control.

The multimedia slideshow tells the story of an adolescent boy named Phuc who used to enjoy sports and riding his bicycle, but discontinued those activities as he grew older. Due to inactivity and poor nutrition, Phuc developed health problems and was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 as a result of obesity. The e-health promotion module outlines an overview of diabetes and provides a list of solutions to prevent and combat diabetes type 2.

This e-module advocates for healthy lifestyle choices and recommends 30 minutes of exercise per day and healthy eating habits. It also includes a questionnaire in which users can assess their level of risk for developing diabetes. Age, gender, family history of diabetes, blood pressure, physical activity and weight are good indicators of whether an individual faces a high risk of developing the disease. The goal of the personal assessment is to promote diabetes screenings among individuals who may not have considered getting tested otherwise.

The e-health promotion module was developed in two languages, Vietnamese and English. This e-module is easily accessed through the website of GaneshAID and National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

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E-health promotion module on diabetes (English version)

E-health promotion module on diabetes (Vietnamese version)



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E-health promotion module on diabetes prevention and control