Carine Loisel
Jan 10, 2017
Henri Mbengue
Jan 10, 2017

Eric Vivien

Learning and Training Audit Expert

Eric Vivien has worked for over 11 years in multiple cultural environments as a scientist and as a cooperation officer in science, technology, and adult learning and education for the French Foreign Affairs. He has strong expertise in project management in complex settings, as well as experience working in developing countries.

For the last four years, he was in charge of coordinating a portfolio of over 90 university degrees (Bachelor and Master levels, national diplomas, and de-localized trainings) delivered in Southeast Asia. Specifically, he was in charge of the selection, evaluation, and quality control of these trainings. Overall, Eric has contributed to the development of a framework for standardized evaluation and the implementation of curricula in order to meet high-quality standards of international higher education.

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