A Regional Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence to be developed

Third Regional Immunization Supply Chain Management Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda
Aug 24, 2017
WHO: 7 000 newborns die every day, despite steady decrease in under-five mortality, new report says
Oct 20, 2017

GaneshAID and Expertise France joined efforts to engage stakeholders to set up a Regional Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence for health commodities supply chains. Its purpose is to support the modernization of supply chains in SEA countries. RACE is expected to improve equitable access to quality-assured, life-saving medicines and vaccines through capacity building, technical assistance, and research for innovation in Southeast Asia. Currently, the initiative is in the phase of stakeholders’ engagement (GAVI, UNICEF, WHO, ADB). The 2017-2018 plan is to conduct the feasibility study, developing the business plan and launch first training, operational research and policy advocacy activities”

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