May 28, 2018

RACE-Business Feasibility Study – Key findings to date

The Business Feasibility Study which has been implemented by GaneshAID in close collaboration with Gavi Secretariat, UNICEF and WHO lasted from January 2018. The study is […]
Feb 24, 2018

A Business Feasibility Study (BFS) to establish a Regional Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence for improving health and immunization supply chains (HISC) in the region

The Public Health Supply Chain (PHSC) provides a reliable supply of commodities, and thus more people are likely to use health services. However, Low- and Middle-income […]
Aug 31, 2017

A Regional Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence to be developed

“GaneshAID and Expertise France joined efforts to engage stakeholders to set up a Regional Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence for health commodities supply chains. Its purpose […]
Aug 24, 2017

Strengthening the Immunization Logistics Working Group in South Sudan

From 15 – 17 August 2017, the Ministry of Health (MoH) in South Sudan in collaboration with UNICEF country office and UNICEF head quarter organized the workshop […]